Month: June 2013

Citizen’s New L Series Women’s Watch Inspired By The Beauty Of Nature

Judging from the performance of the Basel Watch Show this year, Citizen clearly found that the brand’s main axis was placed on women’s watches; the annual concept tables ‘Eco-Drive Luna’ and ‘Eco-Drive Nova’ are women’s watches In addition to the style, a new radio timepiece is also introduced on the xC series. The watch has five global radio wave receptions and 24 world time zones, dedicated to women in the metropolis. In addition, the most important work should be the new ‘Citizen L’ women’s watch series, which is inspired by the ‘natural beauty’ in the design. The style is different from the Japanese brand in the impression. It can be seen that Citizen attaches importance to female consumers.
     ‘L’ means ‘Ladies’, and it also implies multiple meanings such as luxury, love, life, and light; the launch of the Citizen L series brought 13 works, all produced in Japan. The design of the models is based on natural elements. First see the three works EX1120-53X, EX1122-58D and EX1120-02E, which are representative works of the L series; the special bezel covers the case and crown to make the shape more round and smooth, and this design is more capable To prevent female friends’ clothes from being caught by the crown, a stylish design is added to the intimate design.
     After separating the bezel from the case, the crown at 4 o’clock is specially designed with a bud shape, which is beautiful and elegant. On the dial, the simple 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock directions have Roman numerals; in addition, the image model EX1122-58D is made of white disc shell and decorated with radial patterns like petals, which is more gorgeous. . The bezel is set with 19 natural diamonds.
    The tiltable bezel completely covers the crown, in addition to having a strong design sense, it can also prevent accidental hooking of clothing. Image section EX1122-58D. EX1120-53X (left); EX1120-02E (right).
     See the four works of EX1100-51A, EX1100-51D, EX1100-51E and EX1102-55W, which are inspired by the melting ice cubes in the spring; watch models shaped like a bracelet, sapphire crystal glass is specially cut out The rhomboids make the picture rich and rich, both from the front and from the side. The watch is equipped with a solar-powered movement, which is waterproof in daily life. In addition to the black and white dials, as well as the special white-disc shell dial style, there is also a limited edition for Tanabata (EX1102-55W). A champagne gold case with a green dial is even more noble.
    Inspired by the newly melted ice cubes, you can find an ingenious, diamond-shaped case and mirror from the side. EX1100-51A style. EX1100-51E (left) is 12,000 yuan, EX1100-51D (middle) white dial shell model is 12,500 yuan; as for EX1102-55W (right) is a Tanabata limited edition.