Month: April 2012

Listening To The Wake Of Life

Spring is a beautiful season for the recovery of all things. The early spring sunshine is mild and bright, and the earth is green. Since ancient times, how many literati writers wrote an excellent work because of their obsession with Fangchun’s beauty. At this moment, Jaquet Droz takes you to listen to the wonderful gospel of nature, and presents you with superb freehand works with poetic and imaginative composition.
Petite Heure Minute Flowers
 Peony, known as the ‘King of Flowers’, has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity and prosperity. Jacques Dro, famous for his glazed fire enamel craftsmanship, showcased the peony’s luxurious style with a micro-painting process that is outstanding and rich in artistic aesthetics. The micro-painted flower hour and minute small dial watch is based on the ivory white big fire enamel plate and then is exquisite and delicate micro-painted enamel. It is composed of peony and spring swallow which are free and full of natural beauty. The gracefulness and luxuries of the peony and Chun Yan are delineated vividly, and the soft and gentle style matches the elegant background surprisingly, like a poem. The unique design of the micro-painted flower hour and minute dial watch highlights the brand’s unique fusion of art, creativity and craftsmanship.

Micro-painted flower hour minute dial
Heure Minute Flowers J005013201
Ivory Grande Feu enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
43 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces
Suggested retail price: RMB 275,000
The Heure Céleste
 The world of spring is full of flowers, and everyone is sighing about the miracle of life in this bright red and green. Jacques de Lo is dedicated to showing the ultimate beauty in his dreams. The Heure Céleste watch composes a muse to praise life and interstellar with its imagination of harmonious and beautiful nature and vast starry sky. Embellished with sparkling jewels, each embracing like flowers, the design is fluent and elegant, the shape is full and round, showing elegance. Every ingenious design showcases Jacques Drojo’s extraordinary watchmaking technology. The Heure Céleste watch combines top technology and aesthetics. The bright color changes make the dial subtle three-dimensional, adding an incredible Realism beauty.

The Heure Céleste J005024537
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K White Gold Case and Spherical
Spherical set with 108 sapphires
76 rose corundum and 129 amethyst
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
41 mm diameter
Suggested retail price: RMB 292,000