Month: February 2012

Not Only Retro But Also Innovative Blancpain

Diving watches in the watch industry today can be said to be a hundred schools of thought. As long as there is a branch of sports watches, diving watches are often a must-have in it. Role, because the brand has released the Fifty Fathoms timepiece with professional diving capabilities as early as 1953, which is not only of great significance to Blancpain itself, but also some design features contained in the Fifty Fathoms, such as the waterproof crown and the bottom case The design and one-way rotating bezel were later widely imitated by the descendants of the altar diving watch. If we think that the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is the prototype of a modern diving watch, this view is absolutely tenable.

Today’s Fifty Fathoms series goes back to the classic retro style of the 1950s, and since 2013, Blancpain has extended the replica of Bathyscaphe’s diver’s watch launched later than Fifty Fathoms. Over the next few years, Bathyscaphe suddenly jumped to become the first protagonist in the fifty-five series. Only in the past two years did the ‘authentic’ fifty-fifth one rely on works such as the MIL-SPEC replica watch and the special edition of Mind and Ocean. Pick up the stage spotlight. The development of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series in 2018 makes people feel more balanced than in previous years. Both the authentic Fifty Fathoms introduced the big date model for the first time, and the Bathyscaphe watch debuted on the calendar, even somewhere in between. In the meantime, the brand also brought a brand new surprise, which is the latest sub-series inspired by Bathyscaphe’s remodeling style in the 1970s. This time, we will see the first work of the series Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Day Date 70s.

The design inspiration of the Fifty-Five Submersibles 70’s watch dates back to the 1970’s Bathyscaphe as the name implies. Generally speaking, the new work of 2018 is a combination of the styles of the 50s and 70s Bathyscaphe

Feature one: the transformation from Bathyscaphe
More than ten years after the launch of the Bathyscaphe watch (that is, the 1970s when the quartz storm was about to hit), Blancpain introduced a major change. This 70s style Bathyscaphe uses an abalone shell design, including The case shape and pointer style are very different from Bathyscaphe in the 1950s. In addition to the obvious changes in appearance, there are still several points in the direction of Bathyscaphe’s changes in the 1970s, including clearer reading effects and The richer functionality, coupled with some detailed design in line with the aesthetics of the time, made the brand feel that when the quartz watch army struck, it was anxious to strengthen the connotation and specifications of the watch itself to pull back market confidence Attempt. Blancpain’s re-launched Fifty-Five Submersible 70’s watch is not the original copy of the original gourd, but is compatible with the essence of Bathyscaphe’s transition from the 1950s to the 1970s, and evolved. A watch force that is both retro and innovative.

The dial includes silver-plated rings, date and week display, and a dial with gradation colors. All are based on the original design of the 1970s, which also distinguishes the details from the style of the Bathyscaphe watch in the 1950s.

Feature two: the faceplate reconstruction is especially important
The 50’s deep submersible 70’s date and week watch face has some ‘fresh’ designs, such as a silver plated ring on the outside of the face plate, and the brand has added numbers every five minutes Scale (the 12 o’clock inverted triangle mark that many dive watches have today also appears on this head), and the shape of the silver-plated ring is also modified to a rectangular hour mark, and the date at the three o’clock of the dial has a date With the week display, the watch’s time display function is more abundant, and the gradation tone dial used in the 1970s style now appears on this retro watch body, with radial polishing to let the watch emit a kind of inside-out The charm of astigmatism even vaguely has the added effect of magnifying the visual effect of the faceplate-this also helps to improve the clarity of the watch. While reshaping the classic beauty of the past, Blancpain also incorporates modern watchmaking elements, including the expansion of the diameter to 43mm, and the bezel is also changed to ceramic. Of course, the bezel scale is made of Liquidmetal® technology. Both make the models more suitable for modern wearable watches, and also improve the durability and protection.

The watch is equipped with a new caliber 1315DD developed by Blancpain. In fact, it is a work based on the brand’s famous 1315 caliber. In addition to functional evolution, the movement has its own specifications save.

Feature 3: An upgraded version of the 1315 movement
The new movement 1315DD on the watch is remodeled from the 1315 movement, which has become the cornerstone of the Fifty Fathoms and Bathyscaphe watches in recent years. The former has an increase in diameter, thickness and number of parts than the latter, but it is happy that Although the functionality is improved, the power reserve of the movement is still maintained at 120 hours, which is the level of the five-day chain (the key is that Blancpain uses three barrels to allow kinetic energy to accumulate longer and longer), maintaining the series Consistent practical convenience. In order to make the watch more retro, the brand also equipped it with a distressed leather strap. The mottled texture on it seems to really wear this watch for a long time, which also reflects Blancpain’s design. Attentiveness and attention to time; Imagine a watch with such a strong nostalgia, but with a bright and flawless belt, although this is not a flaw or error (after all, it is indeed a modern new watch rather than a used antique watch), But inadvertently it will always give people a sense of conflict between the old and the new, so Blancpain cleverly worked on the process of making the strap, making the retro style of the watch more impeccable.

Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Day Date 70s

Stainless steel material / 1315DD self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters / table diameter 43mm / limited to 500 / reference price: 91,000 RMB

Dio Chifre Rouge Collection Men’s Watch

2014 is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Dior Chiffre Rouge series men’s watch. With classic black (rubber or Nato strap, dial or bezel), white, red (colored on the back cover glass, or used to highlight the crown, date, hands, buttons and other elements) color matching elements and highly brand recognition and The asymmetrical design of the visual impact (the case focuses all the controls on the widened right side, the guilloche winding crown and buttons of the chronograph watch) constitutes Dior’s unique interpretation of male masculinity.

 The Dior Chiffre Rouge series men’s watch combines outstanding watchmaking technology with 100% automatic mechanical movement. For example, the Swiss Observatory certified mold rubber A05 chronograph watch and its extraordinary automatic chronograph movement ‘Irréductible’ designed and manufactured by Zenith, designed and produced in cooperation with Orny & Girardin, can display the ‘Dior 8 fuseaux horaires’ machine in eight time zones Movement; the ‘Dior Inversé 11½’ movement designed and produced by Soprod and so on.