Month: August 2010

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Purple Plate Solitary Watch Sold 1.5 Million Yuan

On March 8, 2019, a unique Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph (26338PT.OO.1220PT.01) was held in Las Vegas by the Cirque du Soleil ‘ OneNightforOneDrop ‘charity auction was unveiled, and the hammer was sold for 220,000 US dollars (equivalent to about 1.48 million yuan), and the proceeds were donated to the OneDrop Foundation.

   For the past ten years, Audemars Piguet has been a loyal supporter of the OneDrop Foundation, and the brand has created a unique and exclusive Royal Oak Chronograph for this auction. This watch features a 950 platinum case with a diameter of 41 mm. The plum-colored dial is engraved with the ‘GrandeTapisserie’ large checkered decoration. It is equipped with a blue sub-dial, white gold three-dimensional hour markers and Royal Oak hands. Built-in Calibre 2385 automatic movement, this movement is assembled from 304 parts, with hours, minutes, small seconds and date display and chronograph function, can provide 40 hours of power reserve.

   The caseback is engraved with ‘UNIQUEPIECE’ (the only one). This watch features a 950 platinum strap with an AP folding clasp and comes with a blue alligator leather strap. The watch was valued at USD 112,000 (about RMB 760,000) before the auction, and the final transaction price was twice that, reaching USD 220,000. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Muse Reappears Fanghua Peerless, Bulgari Joins Hands With Elle’s ‘diva Of Bvlgari Eternal Goddess’ Exhibition Opening In Chengdu

[Chengdu, November 6, 2015] Today, the ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition held by Bvlgari and ELLE is grandly opened at Chengdu IFS. This time Bulgari and ELLE leaders came to the site and gave speeches. Well-known actors Jin Dong and Wang Kai appeared together to appreciate the goddess style with Chengdu IFS people. From November 6th to 20th, the Bvlgari DIVA Art Exhibition will be open to the public on the third floor of the IFS atrium.

‘DIVA of BVLGRI Eternal Goddess’ curator Xiao Xue, editor-in-chief of ELLE Magazine, famous actor Wang Kai, Bulgari Greater China and Australian managing director Mr. Antoine Pin, famous actor Jin Dong, Hirst Group CEO Lena Yang celebrated the launch together

Jin Dong and Wang Kai appeared at the opening ceremony
 The muse of the art world contains the beauty of classics. Although it is a moment of shock in time, it can also make everyone stop for a lifetime. And the eternal goddesses of Bulgari are all over the country. There is nothing in it, which reflects the graceful and graceful attitude of contemporary women and the calm and confident style. Adhering to Italy’s deep cultural heritage, Bulgari and ELLE carefully combed the context of global fashion development, looked at the development of the goddess, and let the classic beauty come in. The ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition takes a new perspective on the legends of muse and art: the entire exhibition is based on ‘viewing the goddess appearance and attitude, watching the goddess attitude; wearing the goddess costumes, showing the goddess style; listening to the goddess dialogue, discerning the goddess’s thinking For the idea, from the three aspects of ‘Attitude of DIVA Goddess Attitude’, ‘Inspiration of DIVA Goddess Inspiration’ and ‘Dialogue of DIVA Dialogue Goddess’, the three aspects are extended to highlight the beauty of women in ‘Femininity’, ‘Prosperity’ and ‘Fertility’ , Deeply excavate the open-minded, elegant and tough attitude and spirit that the goddess has shown in modern society.

The ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition held by Bvlgari and ELLE jointly opened at Chengdu IFS
 Bulgari Greater China and Australian Managing Director Ping Xingtao said: ‘Rome has a long history of 2700 years, and Bulgari, which has been deeply influenced by it, has paid tribute to Rome with its superb skills and bold style. For more than 130 years, Bvlgari deeply affects women around the world. Famous actresses and celebrities wear Bvlgari jewelry and emit bright lights, which also proves that Bvlgari jewelry is as new and classic as classic movies, beautiful and timeless. Diva series contains Bulgari All landmark design elements in beautiful history. Adhering to the spirit of ‘I am a symbol, I am a Diva’, the Diva series pays tribute to women’s inspiring and determined character, focusing on highlighting ‘Femininity’, ‘Prosperity’, ‘Fertility’ ‘Three core messages. We are also honored to cooperate with the top Chinese trend magazine ELLE this time and have the honor to invite Nicole Zhang and Simon Ma, two talented artists, to bring their outstanding works of art to the exhibition.’

‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition site
 ‘DIVA of BVLGARI’ curator Xiaole editor-in-chief is looking forward to this exhibition. She hopes that the styled and assertive goddesses in the exhibition will become the backbone of women of the times. ELLE has defined and witnessed the rise and development of the Oriental Diva Goddess, whether it is Zhang Ziyi who is firm with oriental charm, or stubborn Shu Qi who is revealed in charm. They went from astringent to mature, and then became muses admired by everyone. DIVA symbolizes the desire of every woman, and is also the driving force of every woman.

‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition site
 Designer Nicole Zhang specially designed two pieces of clothing inspired by ‘DIVA’ for this exhibition. The fan-shaped contour perfectly interpreted the graceful charm of the goddess, and conveyed a more confident and bold style with irregular and escaped style Independent female traits, amazing people. The cross-border artist Simon Ma also shared his unique design: exquisite installation art inspired by the fan shape, using folds of rice paper as the background, the rolling mountain mood, rendering the close-up fan-shaped DIVA outline, and reproducing Rome and Chengdu, The cultural blending of the West and the East.

Designer Zhang Xu Nicole Zhang specially designed clothing inspired by ‘DIVA’ for this exhibition

Cross-border artist Simon Ma specially designed artworks inspired by ‘fans’ for this exhibition
 The ‘DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess’ exhibition fully reflects the extraordinary feminine style of Bulgari Eternal Goddess. The goddesses’ natural temperament and stretched beauty all represent the style of the times and encourage the freedom and strength of individual women. And Bulgari’s unique quality and unique style are going through the ages and continue to affect women worldwide. Just like the changing times, Bulgari promotes the magnificent bloom of art with passion and faith, and guides every woman to freedom and excellence, until you don’t need to envy anyone. Every woman is DIVA. Be her own muse, show her unique characteristics, and explain the long-lasting charm of women to the world on the stage of life-this is also the Bulgari spirit of DIVA.