Month: July 2010

Recommended For Simplicity And Perseverance Four Ladies Watches

Taste carefully, in fact, many decorations have been given a lot of beautiful meanings and expectations, especially for women, they are a passionate and sensitive group, whether it is the flowering landscape or walking Little things in the past will cause women’s hearts to fluctuate. This is even more true of various daily decorations, such as a ring that conveys a lifetime of love, a necklace represents the retention of each other’s heart, and a watch represents every minute and every second of life that is willing to spend with you. When men choose gifts for women, the intention is especially important, and the connotation of the gift is also indispensable. The combination of the two shows the true feelings. The watch home below recommends several watches suitable for women.

  Longines PRIMALUNA L8.


Comment on the watch: Longines’ PRIMALUNA heart watch series re-interprets the elegant timepieces of Longines from the perspective of women, bringing the watchmaking aesthetics to the extreme, and its elegant charm attracts the nostalgia of modern women. The small diameter of 26.5 mm is very suitable for women’s slender wrists. The case made of stainless steel looks exquisite and stylish, making the watch softer. The highlight of this watch is the delicate and simple dial. The white mother-of-pearl dial creates a romantic and soft atmosphere. With the classic blue steel hands, the dial is set with 11 top Wesselton VVS diamonds. The total weight is 0.032 carats. Noble temperament. The calendar display window is at three o’clock, and Longines’ classic flying wing hourglass logo is at twelve o’clock.

  The silver bezel is matched with a five-chain stainless steel strap, with a three-fold safety buckle and a push-opening device, which makes it comfortable and convenient to wear, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. The watch is equipped with a Cal.L595 self-winding mechanical movement, with 28,800 oscillations per hour, and a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Basic Information
Number: L8.
Brand: Longines
Series: Elegant
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 14,600
For more watch details, please click: Amy Long Jingya 06.2188.L. watch


Comment on the watch: Amy Long, everyone seems to be very unfamiliar with this brand. This traditional Swiss brand, with its never-ending innovation spirit, has given its unique charming charm after the baptism of history. The Jingya series 06.2188.L. watch is like a lotus in full bloom, showing a piece of pure elegance on the 29.2 mm dial. The blue hollow-shaped hands rotate on the dial, making time pure. Flowers bloom. A stainless steel case with a silver bracelet with blue gemstones on both ends of the chain link creates a long-lasting mood of ‘sludge without staining, sorrow without ripples’, protruding lugs With stripe decoration and blue gem embellishment, it is more convenient to operate while being beautiful.
  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with an automatic movement, and its performance is undoubted. The unique design of this watch, so that the Amy Long Jingya series has its own appearance and style, highlighting the noble temperament and extraordinary style of the wearer.

Basic Information
Number: 06.2188.L.
Brand: Amy Long
Series: Jingya
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 9,300
For more watch details, please click: Montblanc Star Classic U0110304


Comment on the watch: Montblanc, marked by the elegant hexagonal white star, is not only unique in pens, but also gradually crafted in watches. This U0110304 watch from the star classic series has a simple and elegant appearance that makes women love. The white mother-of-pearl dial and diamond scales are in sight. 11 top Wesselton diamond scales (about 0.071 carats), unique Arabic numerals showing the time scale at 12 o’clock, the hour and minute hands in rose gold, classic and retro. The small second hand is located at six o’clock and displays a unique Montblanc motif. The 30 mm stainless steel case with curved corners and ergonomic case back ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer. Equipped with high-precision quartz movement inside, water-resistant to 30 meters.

Basic Information
Number: U0110304
Brand: Montblanc
Series: Star Classic
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 17,000
For more watch details, please click: Le Méridien elegant series LC6016-SS002-130 watch


Comment on the model: The name of Le Méridien in Switzerland combines decades of experience in making high-quality watches. Although its watches belong to niche brands, there are no shortage of classic models. This elegant women’s watch, LC6016-SS002-130, has a diameter of 33 mm. The stainless steel case and the silver bracelet are beautiful and stylish, and the smooth lines are more in line with the curvature of human aesthetics. The silver-white dial has a simple design, a bar-shaped time scale, and a slender sword-shaped pointer, making the dial’s space more clear and easier to read. The date display window is located at six o’clock. The watch is equipped with a Cal.ML155 self-winding movement. The price of this watch is currently about 10,000 yuan.

Basic Information
Number: LC6016-SS002-130
Brand: Amy
Series: Elegant
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 12,000
For more watch details, please click: aimei / 18785 /

In summary: time, short time can not be grasped, reasonable and efficient use of limited time is the best use of time. Women who know how to appreciate watches and have the concept of time have an intellectual beauty. This beauty comes from maturity and stability, not just from vulgar powder. If you don’t have a watch of your own now, find your favorite quickly. With a watch of your own, you will feel that there is more fun in life. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Retro Can Also Be Energetic. Tasting Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Bronze Diving Watch

At the Geneva Watch Fair earlier this year, the Panerai diving watch can be said to shine. We have seen no less than 6 new Submersible models, and many different ones have been used. The material of the case, from stainless steel to titanium to rose gold, has its own characteristics. One of them is a bronze diving watch 671 with a jumping color design. I believe everyone remembers that this is the third bronze watch of Panerai. In 2012, Panerai first introduced the bronze that was considered as the ‘god’ at the time. The watch 382, ​​which is also one of the most memorable special models of all watch fans who like Panerai, followed by the launch of the second bronze 507 in 2013. After four years, Panerai once again made the bronze watch Gorgeously presented in front of the world. (Watch model: PAM00671)

Panerai’s new vintage bronze diving watch

Bronze case

   The watch case has a diameter of 47 mm and is entirely made of bronze. This material is an alloy of copper and pure tin, which is extremely resistant to the corrosion caused by seawater and environmental conditions.

Case outline

   The structure of the watch looks extremely hard, but the materials retain the soft primary colors, but it will not always maintain such primary colors. Over time, the surface will be covered with a layer of green embroidery. This is because the bronze and External factors have reacted; however, this does not change the properties of this material. The traces of time have given each watch a unique charm. The wearer always sees the watch differently at different time periods, which is probably the most attractive part of the bronze watch.

Rotating bezel and side crown

   The classic crown bridge and the rotating bezel with index scale are also made of bronze. The bezel is used to calculate the dive time. The patented system developed by Panerai is connected to the case to ensure that every adjustment can be made. Accurate.

Crown bridge protection device

Aqua Blue Dial

   The marine blue dial layout is very simple. Panerai’s classic hollow hands, rods and dots have not changed. The date display window is set at 3 o’clock, and the small second dial is at 9 o’clock. The combination of the blue dial and the bronze case really looks comfortable. The blue dial just perfectly neutralizes the color of the bronze case, presenting a matte texture, which sets off a quaint nautical style.

Luminescent coated hour markers and hands

   A great detail on this bronze diving watch is the use of retro-flavored luminous hour markers, which are very dated. Although it looks slightly different from the bronze case in its current initial state, but with the oxidation of the case later The mutual contrast between them will become more and more visually ornamental. In addition, the dials, hands and calendar window numbers all use the same color, so that the simple dial is not too fancy.

Nautical leather strap

   The watch is paired with a nautical-style stitched leather strap and pin buckle, which is also matte bronze.

Back-through movement display

   The case back that comes into direct contact with the wrist is made of titanium, and the case back is made of sapphire crystal. The watch is equipped with a P.9010 self-winding movement. This completely self-made movement is only 6mm thick, which is 1.9mm thinner than the P.9000 movement on the previous PAM382 watch. Practical features that provide the watch with a three-day power reserve. In addition, the watch’s fast time adjustment device makes the hour hand jump back and forth in one-hour units without affecting the operation of the watch.

Panerai PAM617 watch overall display

Summary: Panerai’s PAM617 watch interprets the indissoluble bond between the brand and the ocean in a new way. When the bronze case meets the blue dial, the retro feeling overflows. As before, this watch is still limited to 1,000 pieces. With the PAM382’s still hot precedent, this bronze diving watch is inevitable. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)