Introduction To Longines Precision Guide Chronograph Stopwatch

Longines has developed a landmark product based on authoritative technology. The Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch is a cutting-edge watch with a direct drive and a vernier seconds hand. Back in 2008, Longines reflected its outstanding expertise in mechanical chronographs in one of its modern designs, applying a column wheel to a chronograph stopwatch movement. This new watch also shows the development of horological technology and Elegant aesthetic appeal.
The full Sina piano column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch draws on various principles and has become a modern heritage of various advanced timers produced in the history of Longines. With its unique column wheel movement, it has also become part of the glory line of such devices that has been in development since 1878, and the brand has introduced the first chronograph stopwatch since that year. In addition, the Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch has a central direct drive and a second hand with a vernier scale & mdash; & mdash; imitating the design of a mechanical chronograph stopwatch introduced by the company in 1966. The position of the vernier scale on the center second hand is aligned with the fixed scale on the dial. The user can easily and accurately read the time. The centrally driven second hand with the vernier scale directly makes this watch the latest mechanical chronograph. List.
In addition to its advanced chronograph and stopwatch functions, the Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph has a sporty design. The self-winding movement is set in a stainless steel case with a diameter of 41 mm. On the milky white or black dial, the 30-minute cumulative dial is located at 3 o’clock, the 12-hour cumulative dial is set at 6 o’clock, the small seconds are set at 9 o’clock, and the date window is between 4 and 5 o’clock. The hands are super luminous, and the red center-driven seconds scale and the fixed scale on the dial are used to allow the wearer to read precisely one-eighth of a second. Inheriting the characteristics of the chronograph device introduced by Longines in the 1960s, the Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch is equipped with a noble and elegant black alligator leather strap.
Inlaid with 27 gem shafts, the movement L688.2 is a self-winding movement with a diameter of 30 mm and a thickness of 7.90 mm. The column wheel is part of the movement and it controls the chronograph functions (start, stop and zero). This system, especially the column wheel, was specially designed by ETA’s engineers according to Longines’ requirements. It makes the mechanical chronograph stopwatch very convenient and easy to use. It can start, stop and reset the second hand with just a touch. Chronograph stopwatch function. The blue stainless steel column wheel can be regarded as a watch art, and the entire movement is a sublimation of the traditional clock technology. The design of the L688.2 movement can be described as complex and exquisite. In fact, its development also meets the needs of today’s timepieces.
A perfect fusion of precision timing and traditional beauty. This beauty is unique to the Longines chronographs that have been around since the 1960s. The Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch is a great tradition infused with mechanical timing. Modern masterpiece.
Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch is an attractive sports watch with elegant design and excellent chronograph function. 41mm diameter stainless steel case with built-in column wheel self-winding movement L688.2. On the black dial, the 30-minute cumulative dial is located at 3 o’clock, the hour cumulative dial is set at 6 o’clock, the small seconds are set at 9 o’clock, and the date window is at 4 o’clock. The hands are super luminous, and the red central-driven seconds hand vernier scale is combined with the fixed scale on the dial to allow the wearer to read precisely one-eighth of a second. Following the characteristics of the chronograph device introduced by Longines in the 1960s, the Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph stopwatch is equipped with a noble and elegant black alligator leather strap. Water-resistant to 3 atmospheric pressures (30 meters).
The Longines column wheel precision reading chronograph is inspired by a column wheel chronograph developed by Longines in the 1960s. It is equipped with a Longines movement 262. This 24-second-minute chronograph can accurately display one-tenth second. The centrally driven second hand and its vernier scale combined with the fixed scale on the dial allow users to read the measured time accurately.

Michael Jordan Wears Iwc Large Pilot Watch And Accepts Presidential Medal Of Freedom

On November 22, local time in Washington, US President Barack Obama met Michael Jordan at the White House and awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is regarded as the highest honor that American civilians can receive. When receiving the medal, Michael Jordan wore an IWC IWC Large Pilot Platinum Limited Watch (model: 5002-02).

   This model was produced in limited quantities by IWC, with production time from 2003 to 2006. The famous IWC historian Michael Friedberg wrote: ‘The annual output of the 5002-02 (blue dial) and 5002-03 (black dial) models is very small, and IWC has never been officially Announce the exact production of two models of watches. ‘Model 5005-02 was first released at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2002.

   Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player in NBA history. In his brilliant career, he has won the regular season MVP five times, won six NBA championships (and won the Finals MVP), and is the NBA scoring record holder. . Other recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom include the Gates, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Van Scully, and Alan Dejanis, among others.

The 175th Anniversary Celebration Of Patek Philippe Will Kick Off In Geneva

The official celebration of the 175th anniversary of the luxury brand Patek Philippe is about to begin in Geneva, Switzerland. Since its establishment on May 1, 1839, Patek Philippe has always upheld the tradition of high-end watchmaking in Geneva. At the 150th anniversary, Patek Philippe launched the Calibre 89 pocket watch to commemorate the occasion. On the occasion of Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, in addition to looking back on its glorious past, it will also create history and release unique special timepieces as a memorial gift.

   As an independent watchmaker, Patek Philippe enjoys complete freedom of innovation in the process of design, production and completion, thereby producing top-quality timepieces that are recognized by watch experts worldwide. Patek Philippe’s exquisite and precious, classic and elegant watch works are a fusion of advanced technology and traditional watchmaking skills. It is indeed a rare masterpiece handed down from generation to generation. With its extraordinary watchmaking experience, Patek Philippe owns more than 80 patented technologies and writes a strong stroke for its innovative tradition.

   From November 15, 2013 to April 11, 2015, at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Switzerland, exhibited the most significant commemorative models from 1989 to 2014. As the theme exhibition of commemorative watches celebrating the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe, exquisite and sophisticated timepieces will be displayed one by one, showing the brand’s long and glorious history and creative process.

   The perfect creativity of Patek Philippe is shown in the advanced timepieces on display at the Patek Philippe Museum in the Plainpalais district of Geneva. This museum not only displays all kinds of exclusive global timepiece collections that have spanned 500 years of watch development, but also showcases the finest timepieces created by Patek Philippe Watchmaking Workshop in the past 175 years. In addition, the museum has 8,000 books and literature on timepieces, and its collection is among the leading in the world among similar museums.

   On October 13, 2014, Patek Philippe will hold a grand official celebration in Geneva, Switzerland. Patek Philippe’s 175-year legendary journey, coexistence of glory and glory. More grand celebrations are definitely worth the wait, let us wait and see.

Jacques Rendez-vous Celestial Date Series Starry Watch

In addition to the Rendez-Vous dating watch series, which is equipped with a convenient and practical self-winding mechanical movement, it is now adding new colors for the wearer to explore and appreciate the charm and mystery. Each piece is the result of a long and intensive work by the watchmaker at Ruya Valley Workshop, and will write an important chapter of life with the wearer.
   The inspiration of the Rendez-Vous dating watch series comes from the morning light at dawn and the colorful sunset at dusk. Its charming charm is day and night, and it is always with women.

Stars in the sky at your fingertips
   This watch reinterprets the horoscope feature of horoscope in a feminine way and in a smaller size. The Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop uses rare arts and crafts handed down from generation to generation (Métiers Rares ™) to present a variety of artistic decorations, creating this masterpiece that is very addictive. The Rendez-Vous Celestial starry sky watch features an enamel dial with a hand-painted lapis lazuli star chart disc. The bezel is inlaid with different shades of sapphire and glittering diamonds. The magnificent Aurora is the inspiration for this model. With the Jaeger-LeCoultre 809/1 automatic mechanical movement, it perfectly embodies the brand’s creativity.
Pink and blue tones
   This full-featured watch is equipped with a large case with a diameter of 37.5 mm. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement that accurately reproduces the trajectory of the bright constellation and the signs of the zodiac. Blue and deep purple jewels are rare and precious in the field of fine watchmaking, adding a touch of time to the flow of time. Against the backdrop of gradient amethyst, the sky map elegantly presents the starry sky of the northern hemisphere.
Beautiful Rare Crafts (MÉTIERS RARES ™)
   Jaeger-LeCoultre showcases Métiers Rares ™ on this fine jewelry watch. The bezel is inlaid with rectangular cut sapphire to create a clever light and shadow effect. It is as beautiful as a work of art, and is very decorative and harmonious. The new Rendez-Vous Celestial starry sky watch is immersed in a beautiful view of blue, pink and purple. In the clear sky, sapphires of different shades create a delicate and delicate gradient effect, extending from the bezel to Case hoop. The silver star-shaped pointer is like a fluttering night butterfly, elegantly indicating the next appointment time.

Hublot New Skull Bang Watch-news Hublot

A humorous and playful black atmosphere, this rebellious watch seems to remind us not to put too much pressure on ourselves. This amazing watch, any rock star wearing it will not look out of place, whether on stage or anywhere in the city.

Hublot is an eye-catching luxury watch that perfectly combines two seemingly impossible elements. On the one hand, it is an elegant rebellious spirit, and on the other, it reminds us of the fragility and shortness of life. To grasp the depth of each moment …
The entire Skull Bang watch is extremely black. The simple skull pattern on the all-black ceramic dial shows the source of inspiration for the watch. It is full of a cold atmosphere and also makes the watch a high collection. Value, this watch is limited to 100 pieces and numbered worldwide. Hublot designed this watch in order to commemorate the long-term cooperation between the well-known watch collector Laurent Picciotto, who has a close relationship with the Hublot brand. Laurent Picciotto is a legendary leader in the watch industry. It was in 2007 that he opened Hublot’s first physical boutique in the world at 271 Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. The new Skull Bang watch will be in the The store is on sale.

Beauty Of Hollow Chronomaster El Primero Watch Tasting

Zenith has newly launched an automatic chronograph with a hollow design, namely Chronomaster El Primero. This watch has a charming crystal clear sapphire dial and an open mechanism at a glance. Demonstrate vitality.

 The watch adopts a unique atmospheric 4 mm stainless steel case, a hollow high-vibration mechanism, a column wheel and a silicon escape wheel, and a carved sapphire dial adds charm. A modern, contemporary style, accented with a striking red accent, and you can enjoy the watch from both sides.

 The stainless steel case has a curved crystal glass as the top, a sapphire crystal case as the bottom, and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters. Both sides can enjoy the legendary autonomous ‘engine’. The El Primero star-speed integrated automatic column-wheel chronograph movement vibrates at a high frequency of 5 Hz, ensuring a display accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second.

 The crystal clear sapphire dial is paired with two blue and gray transparent chronograph dials, which are the aesthetic signature of the 1969 prototype, with two sun and moon phases at 6 o’clock. The silver inner bezel is wrapped with a blue ring, and the black and white minute scales, luminous faceted hands and hour markers work together to ensure legibility without disturbing the appreciation of the wonderful operation of the watch. The large date at 2 o’clock is indicated by two hollow digital concentric discs, which are clearly readable against the bright red background of the engraved window; the slender central sweep seconds hand with red needlepoint is decorated with Zenith’s star-shaped logo in clear Extremely precise timekeeping on the dial.

 Equipped with a high-frequency El Primero 4047B movement, this 332-component movement is equipped with a silicon pallet and escape wheel, with a central hour and minute hand, and a small second hand, chronograph, Large date, moon phase and sun phase functions, and can ensure more than 50 hours of power reserve. The moon phase disk rotates once every 59 days (two-month transport cycle), and the day / night indicator disk rotates a full circle every 24 hours — the two disks overlap to reproduce the celestial movement like a beautiful ballet.

Summary: Baselworld 2017 will present us a beautiful and unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

One Watch Travels The World, Three Casual Dresses And Watch Recommendations

We always say that a person needs three watches, one for daily wear, one for sports, and the remaining one for formal occasions. That sounds right, but first of all, you have to have that extra money. What can you do if you ca n’t buy three watches without money? I do not know when to start, casual and formal watches are becoming more popular, and the brand’s new watches are also taking this into account. Today’s Watch House recommends and explains three formal and balanced watches for you, allowing you to appreciate their ultimate charm in more detail.
Vacheron Constantin Watches

Product model: 4500V / 110A-B128
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel, crocodile leather and rubber
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: 156,000 RMB
Watch details: TERRA 150 meters to Zhen Observatory

Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel-Sedna® K gold case
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: 59,800 RMB
Details of the model: The TERRA 150-meter Observatory reveals its vitality in the classics. The unique symmetrical design of the case makes the watch as balanced as a whole. The watch’s dial is 41 mm in diameter and the horizontal ‘teak’ texture makes the silver dial unique. The design is inspired by the teak deck on a luxury yacht. There is also a calendar window at 6 o’clock, the hands are coated in dark gray and covered with white Super-LumiNova. On the back of the case, wear-resistant sapphire glass penetrates the movement of the Omega 8900 to the Observatory. The movement is resistant to strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss and is water-resistant to 150 meters. The entire watch and movement have passed the strict watchmaking certification standards approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), achieving an outstanding improvement in accuracy, performance and antimagnetic properties.
Rolex Yacht-Master

Model: 116655
Movement type: automatic winding
Case Material: 18ct Everose Gold-Ceramic Bezel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: 185,000 RMB
Watch details: rolex / 39008 /
Watch Reviews: The new Yacht-Master looks are eye-catching, with a mix of rose and black. The case is made of 18ct eternal rose gold. The bi-directional 60-minute graduated bezel is a matte black Cerachrom ceramic word ring, polished three-dimensional numbers and scales. With a black rubber strap, this is the first time Rolex has used a rubber strap in a yacht watch. Rolex’s classic 3135 movement, the secret of this precise movement is the use of paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring to help the watch resist the impact of impact and temperature changes.
Summary: Casual and formal watches will become the mainstream of today, because its ‘one watch goes global’ has become the purpose of many watch buyers, in the past few years the operation of various brands in the market can be seen This area is also a battleground for future brands.

There Are Also Formal Watches At Low Prices. Three Hugo Boss Watches Recommended For 2,000 Yuan

For men living in the city, a formal watch is essential. Its necessity can be equated with a well-suited suit. Although it will not be worn on the body every day, it must always show up when attending formal occasions. Under its background, the image of the wearer will be fuller, showing its unique connotation and taste. Today, the Watch House introduces you to three formal watches from the well-known German fashion brand HUGO BOSS. Although the price is around 2,000 yuan, the style is elegant and generous, and has a certain price-performance ratio Love the good choice of fashion cousin.

Product Model: 1513494
Case thickness: 10.60 mm
Case material: Steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch price: RMB 2,400
Watch details: BOSS GOVERNOR 1513484 watch

Product Model: 1513484
Case thickness: 9.90 mm
Case material: Steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch price: RMB 1,600
Watch details: Like the BOSS watch, dark brown dial, Roman numerals and bars are used to display the hour markers, and rose gold is elegant and luxurious. It echoes the middle three needles of the same material in the center, making the time indication clearer and more intuitive. In addition, the inner plate and the hour-marker circle are decorated with Paris nail patterns and radial patterns, which look more elegant and full of texture. The calendar display window is located at 6 o’clock, giving the simple dial a practical function. Although the price of this watch is close to the people, the overall design is slightly more expensive, and it is also a good companion on the wrist for formal occasions.
HUGO BOSS JACKSON 1513373 watch

Product Model: 1513373
Case thickness: 6.10 mm
Case material: Steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch price: RMB 1,650
Watch details: BOSS JACKSON watch. The round steel case and the rich brown leather strap match the classic and elegant taste. On the white disk surface, the silver Roman three-dimensional hour markers and the central hour and minute hands complement each other, making the time presentation more intuitive. Below the 12 o’clock, there is a silver brand logo design, which adds a unique aesthetic style to the watch.
Summary: The three formal-style HUGO BOSS formal watches introduced to you today are both good timepieces, both in style and design. Although HUGO BOSS watches are mainly quartz movements, the battery can generally be used for 2-3 years, which is durable and does not need to worry about the chain. Coupled with the price of the people, giving them a certain price. If you like one of these three, then pay attention to it.

Movado’s New Art Experience ‘imagine Movado’ Digital Art Event Held In Hong Kong

On June 5, 2015, Movado, a famous Swiss watch brand, started a unique artistic journey in Hong Kong. Movado watches have been established for more than 130 years and always adhere to their own The pursuit of watch making is flashy and actively promotes the development of contemporary art. On the same day, Movado became associated with art again, and the event with the theme of digital art ‘Movado Be Inspired’ brought a different experience to everyone.

  The venue of the event was selected at the famous W Hotel in Hong Kong. On the day, the executives of the Movado brand and many guests and media friends attended the event together. Julian Addison (third from right), President of Movado Group Asia Pacific, and Ms. Chen Huizhen, Vice President of Movado Brand Asia Pacific. (Second from right) Take a photo with the guests.

  On the day of the event, Movado exhibited three precious watches from its brand history. The picture above shows the “Time / 5” watch specially designed by Movado for 1987 by Pop Art Master Andy Warhol. A bracelet is a separate watch, which is equivalent to a 5 time zone watch, limited to 250 pieces, and its unique design is eye-catching.

  In 1992, Movado invited the artist ‘Bill Time’ watch created by Max Beale, with bright colors and bracelets integrated into one. The simple modernist aesthetics, the rich heritage of watchmaking skills and the origins behind the brand and the art form the Movado brand’s charm.

  The picture above is the most precious watch on display that day, which is also the origin of the Movado brand’s design DNA. It was designed by Bauhaus artist Nathan George Howett and became a sensation upon launch. A single polka-dot dial with a very modern design is known as a model of modernist design in the 20th century. This dial design was included in the Permanent Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1960, becoming the first dial in history to receive this award, and has the reputation of a ‘Museum Dial’. Today, Movado watches have been adopted by more than 20 watches around the world. The collection of museums has established the status of Movado watches as a way of elevating design and watchmaking to an artistic level.

  Movado combined modern technology with traditional art that evening. Guests used the ipad built-in ‘Yixiang Movado’ application on the spot to create their own style of works with their own ingenuity or personality inspiration, and displayed them in the form of fluorescent image display. On the screen wall, at the same time, users can also enter the App Store and search for ‘yixiang Movado’ to download the APP and create their own works on the phone.

  On the day of the event, the international supermodel Qin Shupei wore a Movado watch to present the experience of wearing a simple and stylish Movado watch.

Hong Kong singer Wu Ruoxi came to the scene with her own artwork.

Taiwan famous singer Yang Zongwei.

Yang Zongwei showcases his creative works created through ‘Imagination Movado’.

Summary: The international supermodel Qin Shupei experienced the artistic creation of ‘Imagination Movado’ at the event. The interactive device in the venue echoes the iPad with the built-in ‘Imagination Movado’ application, and guests can create their own works on the spot on the iPad. Movado, who has always been promoting art and culture, takes into account that most people cannot go to the venue to set up online sections. From June 5th to August 31st, 2015, all brands that love art can participate in ‘Art Want The ‘Movado’ online creation contest has the opportunity to win other prizes such as a trip to a European museum for two.
Yixiang Movado download method: App store search ‘yixiang Movado’

Interpretation Of The True Meaning Of Time 2015 Sihh Piaget’s High-profile Watch

The annual international watch and clock event, the Geneva International Watch and Clock Fair, has ended. Piaget Piaget once again presented new products at the 25th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, which makes people still have a lasting aftertaste after the visit. Not only Piaget’s classic BlackTie, Altiplano, but also the more innovative Art & Excellence series, EmperadorCoussin1270S, a modern way to interpret elegant timepieces, and incorporate superb watch technology, it will make you linger in Piaget’s watch. Below, please follow the real pictures of the Watch House and enjoy them together.
  Altiplano’s reinterpretation:

  First of all, the Piaget Altiplano chronograph watch is the first in the Altiplano series with a sophisticated style and a modern style to carry complex functions. The timeless, low-key PiagetAltiplano chronograph combines modern and traditional harmony. The ultra-thin case displays neat lines, and every detail is carefully crafted and simple. The dial is polished and polished by the sun’s radiant matte surface, revealing a radiant brilliance, coupled with single-row and double-row alternating time scales and slender Button hands, reflecting the classic design style of the Altiplano watch.

The first model in the Altiplano collection to feature complex functions.

  The new 883P movement was developed by Piaget Piaget. It is based on one of the thinnest automatic winding movements on the market, the 880P. Thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship for a long time, Piaget’s Haute Horlogerie has been able to achieve this outstanding hand-wound flyback chronograph watch. The thickness of the movement and the case is refreshed with world-class greenness, slimness and detail. Its right.

The silver models are timeless and beautiful.
  Classic retro:

  Secondly, these two Traditional oval watches show the magic of gold, a unique Piaget style. In order to highlight the jewellery dimension of the new work, the silver-toned oval dial blooms to pure brilliance, which sets off a sparkling diamond-set bezel. Claw setting technology ensures that every diamond can bloom the most charming light and shadow effect. Elegance, beauty, and refinement: The Piaget Traditional Oval Watch in white or rose gold is exclusively sold in specialty stores. It is a unique masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship, showing an amazingly unique brilliance.
Golden magic, unique Piaget style.
 I have seen the countenance of the count, and you cannot miss its tenderness. The assembly of a large number of chain segments creates an extremely delicate overall effect. Each component is meticulous and stylish, forming a light gold fabric. The chain strap fits directly on the case, perfectly combining the dial and the chain strap into one.

A unique masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship, showing a breathtakingly unique brilliance.

  Emperador’s ultra-thin cutout technology:
  Next, this ultra-thin hollow-out self-winding tourbillon watch can satisfy the curiosity of many people looking into the secrets of machinery. The Piaget BlackTie series welcomes the new EmperadorCoussin 1270S watch. With a slim figure of only 8.85 mm, it refreshes the ultra-thin record of the hollow-winding tourbillon category, which will surely make collectors who love their unique watch technology. The new work is available in two different styles, including the sleek and sophisticated platinum version and the classic rose gold version, both of which are equipped with gold movements.

This series has a unique and vigorous elegance in a unique case shape.

  EmperadorCoussin1270S breaks through the complicated and detailed advanced watch structure and the technical limitations derived from the automatic winding function. It was born in a cloud-like manual winding skeleton movement, achieving an epoch-making masterpiece. This extraordinary movement is the result of three years of research and development. It contains 225 parts in a tiny space of only 5.05 millimeters and is carefully hollowed out by craftsmen to ensure that the movement works perfectly.

  Altiplano’s twins:

The curved and harmonious case shines with noble temperament.

  Finally, I will bring you the PiagetAltiplano gold bracelet series. Pairs of watches will naturally satisfy many couples’ ‘show love’ dreams. Piaget Piaget for the first time with ultra-thin Altiplano watch with gold bracelet, launched six elegant interpretation of the new, is the unprecedented change of the Altiplano series. Combining elegance and cosmopolitan style, the new Altiplano watch is available in 34mm and 38mm sizes, which is also suitable for men and women. The elegant curve of the bracelet extends from the harmonious case and the beautiful low-key dial, and its soft touch ensures that each style fits the wrist comfortably.

The new models are designed for men and women, creating two different case sizes.

The two materials complement each other and meet the styles of different lovers.

  The above is the latest SIHH 2015 cutting-edge information brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva: