Tag Heuer Tag Heuer And Football Match

To celebrate the SuperCup 2015, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG HEUER and president of LVMH’s watchmaking division, and Jean-Claude Biver, and Christian Seifert, CEO of the German Football League A (referred to as Bundesliga, German: Bundesliga), announced that the two parties have officially opened a partnership. This famous German national competition (including a total of 36 teams in Bundesliga and Bundesliga) will use TAG HEUER as the official timer. TAG HEUER will also become the first official timer and Officially designated watch.

Jean Claude Beaver said: ‘The Bundesliga is one of the most powerful and extensive platforms you can imagine. With sponsorship, we have the opportunity to pursue a different perspective and embrace the infinite possibilities of the future, especially It’s in the digital realm. We’re preparing for the future. ‘

‘We are delighted to discover that TAG HEUER is a partner pursuing high quality and an international perspective, which is a perfect fit for the Bundesliga. In particular, signing a sponsorship can significantly increase the global visibility of both parties. We firmly believe that in the next few years, Both parties will benefit from this partnership, ‘said Christian Seifert, CEO of the Bundesliga.

Consistent with the pioneering spirit of watchmaking, this is a unique and future-oriented cooperation, which offers unlimited new possibilities. From stadium billboards to traditional event broadcast methods, to the Internet and social media … TAG HEUER and Bundesliga will break the boundaries and break the rules, and jointly use a new digital media to create a new brand in the sports field. The world, forging creative and cutting-edge partnerships. Brand philosophy: Do n’t Crack Under Pressure (Do n’t be afraid of challenges, achieve self) will be perfectly integrated at all levels. On August 15, 2015, the start of the new season in the Bundesliga, TAG HEUER will ‘watch the ball’ with fans from 208 countries around the world!

Tudor Grantour Calendar Watch And Time Stopwatch

Through time and space and dreams, Tudor watches lead us into a world full of elegance, sparkle and high performance. The new Tudor series perfectly combines elegant and sporty extreme design styles. Beautiful curves, eye-catching shapes, a symbol of vitality and fashion; fully show the unique personality, bold and confident, striking power. Be brave enough to stick to yourself, don’t shake easily, and show your true self at the right time. Tudor-Be Anything But Obvious.
 The newly launched Tudor Grantour sports watch series showcases the high-speed, exciting GT racing world. There are two models of the new Grantour series, including a calendar and a stopwatch. Both models feature a nostalgic, inky black stainless steel bezel. The clear and smooth pointer lines present the design elements of high-speed racing one by one. On the surface, the chronograph is embellished in red, mimicking the dashboard of a GT car.

Tudor GRANTOUR calendar type
Number: Ref. 20050N
Material: stainless steel
Table diameter: 41mm
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Water resistance: up to 150 meters
Outer ring: black steel outer ring
Disk surface: black surface
Mirror: Crystal glass
Strap: Sporty black with perforated belt with folding buckle.
 The Tudor Grantour calendar-type belt is decorated with tightly arranged holes, which resembles the design style of the leather seat cover of the racing car. The Grantour chronograph stopwatch belt is lined with 6 slightly larger round holes, blending with the classic colors of racing gloves. Grantour is also available in white for women.

Tudor GRANTOUR stopwatch stopwatch type
Number: Ref. 20350N
Material: stainless steel
Table diameter: 41mm
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Water resistance: up to 150 meters (500 feet)
Outer ring: black steel outer ring
Dial: black surface
Mirror: Crystal glass
Strap: Sporty black with perforated belt with folding buckle.

Hublot “Scuderia Ferrari On Ice” Official Timing

On February 25, 2016, Livigno. The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari: an excellent collaboration, demonstrating a relentless pursuit of high performance, innovation and advanced materials. The two brands share the same willingness to overcome challenges, so cooperation between the two parties can also play a perfect synergy effect.

   In this context, the special event ‘ScuderiaFerrariOnIce’ (Ferrari Ice Carnival) opened in the beautiful scenery of Livigno. With the enthusiastic gaze of the onlookers, GiancarloFisichella drove a Ferrari F1 car down the hillside of the Lombardy ski resort, arrived at the snow square of the main square, and passed Town center street.

   Spectacular events, extraordinary sports watches.

   As the official timekeeper of this event, the partnership between Hublot and Ferrari has been for more than 4 years. This breakthrough and innovative Swiss brand, in collaboration with the Maranello car manufacturer, specially designed and launched its exclusive timepieces to pay tribute to the famous collaboration. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Fashion And Luxury Watches Make You A Princess In A Second

Each girl has a princess dream, put on a gorgeous dress, with a beautiful crown, and dance with her beloved prince in the garden full of flowers. Dreams come true no longer difficult, Xiao Bian teaches you to become a princess in a second.
The most important thing to be a princess is to have a sense of luxury. This feeling is from the inside out. Luxurious gowns or exaggerated headgear can not always be worn only those luxury watches with a handed down story, but always wear on the wrist, highlighting the princess fan.
变 Become a Love Princess Paris Grand Mercure Belle Jewelry Watch in a Second
French luxury brand Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS represents the trend of top luxury in the European high society, and has a long history of royal family.
BELLE is the nickname of Princess BELLE in the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS BELLE watch originated from the Louis XV period and was inspired by the love between the famous lady of Beaumont and her mysterious lover story.
The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS uses a special concentric coaxial movement to interpret the perfect connotation of love and moon. 58 VVS-grade diamonds and rare white mother-of-pearl in the Mediterranean play the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS BELLE jewellery watch for women who are looking forward to their loyal love according to the family’s dust-tight drawings. The gem is inlaid with a crown, and the case is designed with the classic Grand Drum case of the Grand Mercure Paris MAZ PARSI. The precision inlaid circular calendar window records each day that lovers love. The coaxial dual-rotating sun and moon dial represents the sun and the moon. Consistent vows. This watch gives the girl the most sincere love charm and turns the girl who owns her into the happiest love princess in love.
变 Change to Dance Princess White DIOR VIII for a second
设计 Each design of the Dior VIII white ceramic series includes 28 sizes, 33 and 38mm. There are 12 models in total, bringing you a more considerate small size option for your slim wrist. And equipped with quartz or automatic movement and white ceramic or snowflake diamond bezel. Restore the noble dream moments in women’s hearts. The round case is equipped with a streamlined bezel, and the transparent sapphire crystal caseback is restrained but not dazzled. The detailed and elegant lines are addictive. Every minute and every second is like Dior’s suits make you immersed in the exquisite beauty of advanced custom craftsmanship.
The crystal-encrusted design looks like stars and snowflakes. The white mother-of-pearl dial glows with the silk luster of Dior’s small dress, and the snowflakes and diamonds are like the pearl trim on the layered skirt, which is noble and young. The highly polished steel case outlines the beautiful outline, the lugs are rounded, and the simple moments are perfectly arranged on the silver-white dial, and the center of the dial is set with sparkling diamonds. The white lacquered oscillating weight, just like the waltz rotation, the swing of the oscillating weight on the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace corolla or a pleated skirt with diamonds. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds to capture the flowing light and shadow of the building during quiet travel. Equipped with excellent quartz or automatic movement makes this watch more professional value beyond the avant-garde fashion. Let all the new age women who are obsessed with the gorgeous design of Dior but cannot let go of the pursuit of professional movements go crazy. White DIOR VIII lets you dance like a woman wearing a Dior haute couture gown
变 Second moment become confident Princess Chanel White J12
White J12 always shows a confident charm. White high-tech fine ceramics emphasize the design and construction of the J12 watch, exuding a common luster from the inside out. White camellia is Ms. Chanel’s favorite. J12 is like a white and beautiful camellia, showing Chanel’s unique style.
The reason why the white J12 watch can lead the trend is not only the perfect appearance design, but also thanks to its unique precision material white high-tech precision ceramics. This is Chanel’s unique and innovative watchmaking material. Chanel uses high-tech precision ceramics with high hardness, not easy to be scratched and difficult to oxidize, plus diamond powder polishing to make ceramics shine like metal, so that the watch will never fade and wear easily. The temperature can be adjusted according to the human body temperature, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. During the processing, Chanel’s watchmakers carefully formulated special powders and pigments to create a pure white unique to J12. Various fine and difficult craftsmanship has created the legend of white classic watch of J12. Also created the noble temperament of girls’ confidence.

Cartier Watch Entry Classic

Cartier, who was born as a jewelry brand, has created many classic models in the history of watches. In 1904, Santos was considered the world’s first wristwatch. This year, Cartier launched a series of amazing watches in the field of fine watchmaking, the most famous being the celestial rotating tourbillon. The newly launched 1904 MC is Cartier’s first self-developed self-winding movement. The Caribo series equipped with it is Cartier’s first ‘Men Only’ watch series. Cartier Calibre de Cartier
¥ 50,000
brand history:
Cartier, a jewellery brand, has created many classic models in the history of watches. In 1904, Santos was considered the world’s first wristwatch. This year, Cartier launched a series of amazing watches in the field of fine watchmaking, the most famous being the celestial rotating tourbillon. The newly launched 1904 MC is Cartier’s first self-developed self-winding movement. The Caribo series equipped with it is Cartier’s first ‘Men Only’ watch series.
Watch details:
With a strong body of 42 mm, the majestic shape of the Caribo, with its magnificent shape, implied the brand’s consistent craftsmanship, and its surface-like appearance became very rich. Its lines are strong and delicate, and the display is clear and elegant. Santos was worn by Cartier for his friend when he took a hot air balloon. In addition to the tough character of the pilot watch, Calibre de Cartier is also waterproof to 30 meters Good for both. It is equipped with 1904 MC movement, although the function is simple, but from the structure to the polishing, but it shows real kung fu. It has two barrels and a 48-hour power reserve.

Mastering The Moment Tasting Radar D-star Quartz Chronograph Watch

时间始终在流逝,而今天为大家介绍的这只石英计时表,你可以准确衡量时间是如何流逝的。 From the classic RADO Rado DiaStar Diamond Star Series watch inspiration, 50 years later, to build a new generation of Rado Rado D-Star Royal Star Series watch again completed a magnificent transformation, Model: 541.0937. 3.011.

 The modern Rado “D-Star” series watches, like their outstanding predecessors, this watch perfectly combines inspirational design and innovative materials: the two generations of this series are the oval-shaped case and innovative materials this common point integration.

 Only radar watch diameter 42 mm, well-known three different Rado has made a significant investment in materials and design innovation, and ultimately, in the building when the Rado D-Star Royal Star Series watch used a total of材质:高科技陶瓷、Ceramos™碳化钛金属陶瓷以及碳渗透不锈钢。而今天的这一只就是碳化钛金属陶瓷。

 Since then Rado DiaStar diamond star hard metal easy to wear watches used by relatively heavy, the latest research and development of titanium carbide ceramics represent watch the inherent modernity and wearer comfort closely. Only watch shines like platinum golden light in the material, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

 The crown material is also made of titanium carbide cermet. The most appealing material of this material is that it is possible to wear a watch that is not easy to wear and adapt to the temperature of the human body. This all further enhances the wearer’s comfort.

 The silver-gray dial is embellished with bright gold scales and hands, which make the watch feel very elegant.

Timing function clear presentation on the disk, are 12 hour counter and 10 minute counter, and 60 seconds seconds subdial, four o’clock position further provided window date display.

Strap with titanium carbide ceramic with stainless steel material, to achieve a comfortable adapt to body temperature changes just mentioned above wear, this watch even in winter wear will not be uncomfortable.

Watch equipped with a quartz movement with triple titanium metal clasp with Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramic buttons, elegant and generous. Proud history of innovation Rado Rado continues to inspire innovation and ultimate brand breakthrough technology and materials. Through Rado D-Star Royal Star Series watch we can glimpse, materials, and scientific and technological developments unleashed unparalleled design potential.这只腕表在大陆的售价为¥ 15,300,相信喜欢常新或者是钟情材质的朋友们肯定会喜欢上这只腕表。

More Table section details: rado / 28609 /

Gucci China’s First Watch Boutique Settles In Shanghai

On August 1, 2008, GUCCI, the famous international brand, opened the first page of its first watch boutique in China on the first floor of the busiest Jiuhai Parkson Plaza in Shanghai. To celebrate the completion of the new store, GUCCI specially held an opening reception in the store. Ms. Huang Yi, a well-known film and television star, specially brought this year’s latest CHIODO 18K yellow gold diamond watch to attend the event. This watch has a beautiful case and bracelet, adding a jewel-like extraordinary texture to its appearance. Precious materials and luxurious decoration, angular shape design, embellished with bright diamonds, even more eye-catching and noble. In addition, Ms. Shi Zhouliang and Mr. Ji Huanbo, top domestic models, displayed a variety of watch series such as CHIODO, PANTHEON, TWIRL and I-GUCCI in the shop, bringing the latest international watches to Shanghai, a city of fashion. Trend information.
当天 Guests gathered on the day of the event, while the VIPs appreciated the various Gucci watches that debuted in China, and felt the thoughtful VIP personal service. GUCCI even offers guests champagne, cocktails prepared for this event and carefully selected refined pastries, which show the luxury and fashion of GUCCI. The new GUCCI watch boutique has an area of ​​more than 40 square meters. The design and decoration fully match the stylish and elegant style of the GUCCI brand. Ingenious display methods, displaying the most complete GUCCI watches, allowing customers to carefully watch and choose in a comfortable and quiet environment. Swiss-made GUCCI watches, adhering to the brand’s unique fashion style and superior image, focusing on unique design and outstanding quality, have always been loved by leaders of the trend. GUCCI, which represents the essence of modern Italian style. In addition to its high-quality brand-name products, the sales staff have received professional product knowledge training. They have the most detailed information for each GUCCI watch, and provide thoughtful consultation and sales to distinguished customers service.

Reinterpretation Of Classic Ballet Tasting Vacheron Constantin Art Master Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s master series of art is always pleasing and artistic, and most of them use ancient superb craftsmanship, adhere to the inheritance and continuation of ancient craftsmanship, and combine tradition with modernity to bring people artistic enjoyment . The watch introduced this time is a series of watches launched to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Paris Opera and Dance School. There are three watches in a series, which once again shows the essence of the high-temperature open flame gray enamel painting art. Edgar Degas’s famous paintings reinterpret classical ballet art. Official model: 86090 / 000G-9870 (learning time) 86090 / 000G-9880 (rehearsal time) 86090 / 000G-9881 (performance time)

   Vacheron Constantin officially became a patron of the Opéra National de Paris in 2007, and established a world-renowned arena with the masterpiece series as a fine watchmaking tradition. This partnership links time, art, and the cultural and artistic value of Vacheron Constantin since 1755: supporting unlimited creativity, looking at the world, sharing enthusiasm, building a bridge of knowledge, and adhering to the concept of excellence.

  The appearance of the watch is exquisite and elegant, with a classic temperament. It has a perfect combination of 300 years of classical ballet art and the same ancient watchmaking technology, bringing us a century of culture and art. And enjoy.

  The platinum case looks like a beautiful frame, showing us a beautiful painting. In fact, the production process and difficulty of the high-temperature open flame gray enamel painted dial are not inferior to the creation process of a painting. The following takes you to this ancient high-temperature open flame gray enamel painting process.

  The talents of ballet dancers, enamel craftsmen, and watchmakers are all skillfully reflected in the high-temperature open flame gray enamel painting technique. So far, only a few artisans can master this enamel technique. All processes are completed by the brand workshop, and the stunning dial design is a model of timeless elegance.

  The dial is inspired by three paintings by Degas. The technicians chose these three paintings that best represent the life of ballet dancers, re-presenting their important moments in learning, practicing and performing.

  Using high-temperature open flame gray enamel painting technology, the perfect painting is concentrated on the dial. Vacheron Constantin’s enamel master retained the style of Degas, reinterpreting the beautiful moments of the ballet dancers, presenting every elegant dance posture and movement from different angles. The masters also used the contrast of light and shadow and the effect of shadows to realistically present the landscape on the stage.

  The dial shows the performer’s every move, the wrinkles of the ballet gown, the lace details on the dance dress, the smooth texture of the ribbon around the neck, the petals on the hair, the transparent texture of the tulle and the cotton … the dancer glides Passing the wooden floor stage in the main hall of the theater, leaving a shadow in the lamp room, all of them are perfectly reproduced in the dial, which is amazing.

  The watch is equipped with the brand’s carefully crafted 2460 automatic mechanical movement, playing a neat beat for the dancers. The movement is precision crafted to showcase the highest spirit of Geneva’s fine watchmaking tradition with flawless performance.

In summary: these three watches 86090 / 000G-9870 (learning time) 86090 / 000G-9880 (rehearsal time) 86090 / 000G-9881 (performance time), both in art and production technology have brought us a brand-new The shock and admiration of the dial’s fine carving are also admirable, and it also shows the brand’s high patience and meticulousness in making watches. Only by adhering to the infinite love and dedication to the watch can we make such a perfect artistic watch. The watch is now available and is only available at Vacheron Constantin stores. Don’t miss it if you like it. (House of Watches / Text Source)

Bo Zhongyue, At The Moment Boguan Watch Store Shanghai Wuyue Plaza Opening Ceremony

Boguan Watch Co., Ltd. is a professional and high-quality watch and clock company affiliated to Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd. It was established in 2012. As of now, there are more than 200 stores nationwide. Its parent company, Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd., is also the only watch company listed in China.
   The location of Boguan Watch Co., Ltd. is located at Wuyue Plaza, Qingpu, Shanghai, which is committed to providing a professional, comfortable and comprehensive high-quality watch shopping place for local citizens.
Rich brand presentation
   Boguan Watch Co., Ltd. has absorbed many international watch brands, including Tissot, Mido, Fiyta, Aimi Long, Likang, Jeep, Timex and so on. Watch enthusiasts are in the midst of a pocket-sized “Basel Watch Show”.
Male goddess catwalk, the runway interpretation of watch style
   In order to bring a more intuitive appreciation experience, the brand Fang invited domestic famous models to wear watches on the show. Establish a dynamic and fresh perspective for the media and customers attending the meeting, and experience the physical style of domestic top watch products in a more three-dimensional manner. During this period, the brands and regional managers of major watch brands will also be present together, to accompany every watch lover to taste this rare watch feast in China.

Breaking The Convention And Becoming An Offshore Pioneer Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

When it comes to pioneering and innovation, you may think of Columbus, the great navigator who discovered the new continent after leaving the Spanish coast and crossing the Atlantic Ocean. But when it comes to the design and breakthrough of luxury sports watches, the first thing that comes to mind is no doubt Once again, the avant-garde watch brand Audemars Piguet. In 1972, the four revolutionary innovations of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series watch with a stainless steel case, an octagonal bezel, a ‘TAPISSERIE’ checkered dial, and a strap integrated with the case were launched, creating a luxury sports wristwatch. A whole new era of watches.

   By 1993, the Royal Oak Offshore was born. In addition to following the Royal Oak tradition, it also features a 42 mm case, an externally visible waterproof gasket, and a chronograph with a speedometer scale. In addition, innovative designs such as the highest waterproof performance of the chronograph at that time (100 meters) once again refreshed the inherent concepts in the field of luxury sports watches.

   The latest Royal Oak offshore chronograph adds more advanced technology and aesthetic design to the previous design. The material of the case is more abundant, and materials such as rose gold and black and white ceramics are introduced. This Royal Oak offshore chronograph (model: 26470OR.OO.A002CR.01) is a chronograph with a 42 mm rose gold case, a rose gold dial, a crocodile leather strap and ceramic buttons.

   In 1986, Audemars Piguet’s ceramic bracelet was first used in wristwatches, and it was one of the earliest timepiece manufacturers using ceramics. This rose gold case features a black ceramic chronograph button and screw-down crown on the side, which contrasts with the avant-garde design of the brand.

   The hand-stitched black alligator leather strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle is closer to the wrist, without affecting the powerful function of the watch.

   Needless to say, the first 42mm oversized case that opened the first large-sized watch. The 18K rose gold case with eight white gold screws, the anti-glare sapphire crystal and the case back together provide precision parts for the watch protection. The design of the dial and bezel is a perfect interpretation of the ‘Offshore’ concept. The rose gold-toned dial is engraved with the “Méga Tapisserie” oversized checkered decoration, the black snail-shaped small dial and the black inner bezel echo the black crown and black timing buttons. There is a calendar display window at 3 o’clock on the dial, 12-hour and 30-minute integrating dials at 6 and 9 o’clock, and a small second dial at 12 o’clock. The brand abbreviation three-dimensional insert is made of solid gold, which makes the overall style more consistent and more offshore. The black fluorescent Arabic numerals and rose gold fluorescent royal oak hands break the silence in the night. It is clear and clear when reading. .

   The design of the sapphire crystal case back provides a panoramic view of the Audemars Piguet Cal. 3126/3840 chronograph movement. The movement is made up of 365 precision parts, with a ceramic ball bearing engraved with delicate patterns 22K gold automatic rudder, with a fine pattern engraved on the rudder. The movement splints are brushed and Geneva polished, the edges are chamfered with diamond planing. Provides a power reserve of at least 55 hours.

In summary: ‘Offshore’ means leaving the coast, which means leaving the security realm, leaving the comfort zone, exploring, finding, opening up territories, and breaking through the puppet. The creative evolution of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore series in the field of luxury sports watches since 1993 perfectly interprets the concept of ‘offshore’, leading the update of the concept of luxury sports watches, as a pioneer of luxury sports watches Deserved. The official domestic quotation for this watch is 305,000 yuan.